Privacy statement and GDPR

Version: Jan 25, 2019


The website is managed by Victoria Verzekeringen BV, registered with number BE 0745.861.011 in the Belgian Commercial Register, hereinafter referred to as: Victoria Verzekeringen. The contact details of Victoria Verzekeringen can be found at the end of this statement and on the website.

This statement explains how Victoria Verzekeringen handles information acquired during user sessions. Please be aware that Victoria Verzekeringen cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy of other websites and sources.

Personal data

Victoria Verzekeringen highly values protecting the privacy of its customers and visitors, hereinafter referred to as: users. The user information that Victoria Verzekeringen collects and/or processes is handled and secured with the utmost care.

Victoria Verzekeringen will not distribute (personal) data to third parties except:

  • When required by law, in support of legal proceedings against Victoria Verzekeringen or the website
  • When required to protect and defend Victoria Verzekeringen’s rights and properties
  • When required to protect and defend the personal safety of its employees, customers and other relationships
  • Victoria Verzekeringen will not keep (personal) data any longer than is strictly necessary for the realization of the objectives for which the data were collected.

At all times, users have the right to inspect, change or delete the (personal) data Victoria Verzekeringen has collected. Victoria Verzekeringen can be contacted for these purposes.

Victoria Verzekeringen will always act according to the applicable laws and regulations, in this case the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR).

Processed data

Victoria Verzekeringen collects information during user sessions on the website which may include personal data. This data is stored Victoria Verzekeringen’s CRM system. Victoria Verzekeringen collects and processes (personal) data of the following categories:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • Company details
  • Other personal data
  • E-mails or other messages sent to Victoria Verzekeringen may be stored. Additional (personal) data can be asked from a functional point of view.

Processing purposes

Personal data are collected and processed by Victoria Verzekeringen for the following purposes:

  • To provide services to users
  • For administrative purposes as well as collecting statistics
  • To build a customer/ user profile in the CRM system

Victoria Verzekeringen will keep (personal) data as long as required to realize the above mentioned objectives. Afterwards (personal) data can be kept for archival purposes.


Cookies are small text files which are stored on the device that is used to views a website, so that the device in question can be recognized. You can find more information about enabling, disabling or removing cookies in the web browser settings.

Users can refuse the use of cookies. The website will probably still work, but without cookies, not all functions can be used.

Cookies used by Victoria Verzekeringen

The website uses different types of cookies to improve the web browsing experience:

  1. Functional and technical
    Cookies that allow the website to function properly and/or to provide the required services.
  2. Google Analytics
    Cookies by Google to enable the use of Google Analytics, a web analysis service. Please consult Google’s Privacy Statement for more information about these analytical cookies and the data Google possibly acquires.

Use and approval

By using the website, users approve the collection and processing of data in the way and for the purposes described in this statement.


This Privacy Statement has been drawn up with the current use and possibilities of the website in mind. Any modification and/or change of this website can lead to changes in the Privacy Statement. Victoria Verzekeringen recommends consulting the website at all times for an up-to-date Privacy Statement.


In case you have questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact Victoria Verzekeringen:

+32 3 376 46 76